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ZoomSupportRemote Assistance

ZoomSupport Remote Assistance will help you solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Our technical experts will help you with any Mac-related issue.

Anything, anytime

Are you having trouble with your Mac?
Or maybe your phone or camera?

We are here to help you!

"My computer couldn't recognize my external hard drive with all my work documents, so I took it to the local "pros." They told me I was @#$% out of luck. The ZoomSupport service reps are the real pros. They fixed it in 5 minutes!"

Elizabeth M.

"I never really write reviews, but the Remote Assistance techs deserve some praise. They treated me like a king lol! They really were that great and went the extra 100 miles when my laptop died!!"

Sergio F.

"I cannot recommend this service highly enough. My hard drive was stuck and they got it working like new. On a Sunday! At 11pm! There is no substitute for that kind of service."

Sam G.

"Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. They got my son's tablet working when the screen kept freezing. I'll definitely use them in the future if I have any further problems."

Yu W.

"Bought my son a new Mac and spent 4 hours trying to get it setup. We contacted ZoomSupport Remote Assistance and were told we needed an adapter. Had it working in 15 minutes. Thank you guys =D!"

Diane C.

"Got my parents this service as an anniversary gift with their new computer. I honestly never thought they'd need it, but they told me their “in-home professional” is the best gift they've ever Gotten!"

Philip L.

"Great customer service! They went out of their way to fix my laptop when I got a virus on my work/pleasure trip to Jamaica and they even gave me a discount!"

Michel M.

"I accidentally deleted all my work files from my external hard drive. I was about to have a nervous breakdown when my friend recommended this service. They took remote control and saved the day!"

Eric S.

Customer feedback

This was the easiest, fastest, most customized computer help I have ever received. I have had techs in my home before and it was great and expensive.
Now I have the same service whenever
I need it for the one time annual fee.
I love it!

jack lUI, office manager