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  • "This is a wonderful service that you can use from the comfort of your home and have the support of trusted experts" Matt Cocinero
  • "I am very appreciative of the thorough, kind and considerate support given me. I really am not technical and was left feeling extremely confident that my computer software will be fixed adjusted. Each step of the way was shared in an uncomplicated and clear manner. I understand what is available to me and where to call for help. Thank you." Lorraine Hotchkies
  • "I have had a great experience with your company. The lady that helped me, Callie, was great. She explained everything to me very clearly. I am so appreciative for the help she offered. Thank you!!!" Margo Corbin
  • "Very personable person with complete knowledge of my problem and prompt setting up of continued service when needed. Easy communication. I didn't feel like I was the 82 year old man receiving courteous and excellent service. BRAVO!!!!!!!" Jerry Jellison
  • "This was one of the best remote sessions I have ever had. Excellent communication and very knowledgable about my computer and systems. I feel much better now that I have had an expert take a look at it. I would highly recommend services." Sally Case
  • "Eve was a huge help in walking me though the steps I needed to go through to get my computer back to where it needs to be.
    Highly Recommend."
    Kelly Glick
  • "Eve was great helped me with all my problems very grateful" Leila Robin
  • "Easy, friendly, clear, helpful. super." Jay Chen
  • "The technician was very knowledgeable and honest about the automatic renewal of the service. This was very refreshing, as most programs will just let the payment renew without notifying the customer." Dustin Branum
  • "Excellent service from a very polite person who asked me what the problems were with my computer. The service was clear and to the point. I get the feeling there are always going to be further problems with any computer that will need to be sorted out and the subscription to do this will be on top of the MacKeeper subscription. But my computer certainly needed help after 4 1/2 years of use." Dr Robert Rutland
Customer feedback

This was the easiest, fastest, most customized computer help I have ever received. I have had techs in my home before and it was great and expensive.
Now I have the same service whenever
I need it for the one time annual fee.
I love it!

jack lUI, office manager