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Fraud warning

Dear customer,

We are writing to warn you about a scam involving the imitation of our products and services. Kromtech Alliance Corp. (“Kromtech”) conducts business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in legal compliance. Ethical business conduct is critical to our business, and consumer safety is our priority. Our reputation and the trust of our customers remains a core value for our company. So, please read this statement carefully and let us know if you have any additional questions:

Electronic communications such as email, text messages, social media messages and phone calls, are not a secure nor confidential way to accept payments and Kromtech does not use these methods to accept payment for a product or service. Emails and calls can realistically impersonate a legitimate company like Kromtech and attempt to solicit fraudulent wire transfers. This type of fraud is unfortunately quite common and may appear to come from a trusted source.

Please note that Kromtech only collects payment information via its secured official websites like and

Kromtech will never send you any electronic communications or make phone calls with instructions to transfer funds or provide personal information, such as credit card numbers or debit card numbers or bank account numbers and/or routing numbers. You should never transmit this kind of information by email or via any other unsecured electronic communication such as a phone call.

If you receive any electronic communication or phone call directing you to transfer funds or provide personal financial information, even if that electronic communication or phone call appears to be from Kromtech, do not respond to it and immediately notify us of the suspected fraud by email:


Kromtech Alliance Corp.

Contact us 24/7

1 (800) 804-5671

Zoom Diagnostics

When was the last time you checked your Mac?

Zoom Diagnostics provides fast and easy diagnostics of your Mac. Deep analysis of Mac’s hardware and software provides a great overview of overall performance status, software problems, and possible security issues.

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit Intel processor